JANUARY 26th, 2008
Oh No, Mr. Spin Doctor
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The NNP spin doctors are hard at working trying to confuse the minds of Grenadians on the outcome of the general elections in Barbados.

GRENADA TODAY know that our people are sensible and do not need anyone to tell them what is right from wrong. There are fundamental differences between former Barbados Prime Minister Owen and Dr. Keith Claudius Mitchell, the current occupant in the Office of Prime Minister in St. George's.

For starters, Owen Arthur can be spotted on any given weekends at a supermarket in Bridgetown shopping all alone and without any Security personnel surrounding him. The same cannot be said of Keith Mitchell who brings out a heavy security detail wherever he goes in this country as if to suggest that he is afraid of even his own shadow.

Owen Arthur can walk the streets of Barbados as a former leader without fear of being picked up by the Police and questioned for alleged criminal offences while in office. Do we need to remind the people of this country that Keith Mitchell has "conditional" immunity from prosecution in the United States in a financial matter involving imprisoned ex-Grenada diplomat and con-man par excellence, Eric Resteiner and Boston Businessman, Charles Howland?

A judge in the United States has already ruled that once the current occupant in the Office of Prime Minister in St. George's loses power that Mr. Howland can then bring back the court matter against him. GRENADA TODAY is not aware of any such court proceedings in the United States or elsewhere involving Owen Arthur.

In addition, there have been no allegations of financial impropriety against the Barbadian leader. Dr. Mitchell has been dogged for several years by allegations of accepting a bribe of half a million U.S dollars from the said Resteiner in a briefcase in St. Moritz, Switzerland in exchange for a diplomatic position.

This scandal was further compounded by the revelation in court documents in the United States from Timothy Bass, the former Chief of Security for Resteiner about another half-a-million U.S dollars payment to Prime Minister Mitchell in Grenada itself. And there is evidence that Resteiner did in fact visit Grenada on a luxury yacht that was berthed in the Lance Aux Epines harbour.

What is also known as fact is that the con-man hosted a luncheon on the yacht for top officials in Grenada that was attended by Keith Claudius Mitchell. This newspaper has never heard the name of Owen Arthur being mentioned as having such companions.

Prime Minister Arthur ruled Barbados with distinction and has a proud record of honesty, integrity in public office, transparency and accountability in government. No one accused him of accepting monies from shady offshore banking crooks and bandits like Van Brink, David Rowe and Rita Regala and company.

Keith Claudius Mitchell is still to deny or openly challenge the admittance made by his hand-picked former Offshore Banking Regulator, Michael Creft about the large sums of cash payments that he collected and deposited at Mt. Royal to the current occupant in the Office of Prime Minister.

There is every likelihood that that character occupying the top government position in St. George's could be charged on leaving office with misbehaviour in public office "all in the fullness of time". The FBI has a dossier full of information provided by the same Creft and others about some of the questionable dealings of Keith Claudius Mitchell as Prime Minister of Grenada.

Owen Arthur can live the rest of his God-given life without the fear of hearing a knock on his door anytime of the day by law enforcement officials who want to question him on alleged wrong-doing in pubic office.

Keith Claudius Mitchell and his NNP cronies often forget that they enjoy a one-seat margin in government and hold onto power by a questionable six votes obtained in the Constituency of Carriacou and Petite Martinique. Prime Minister Mitchell, let us give you a word of warning in case you have short memory.

There are many persons in this country like George Brizan, Edzel Thomas, Dr. Francis Alexis and the same Kenny Lalsingh who know the whole truth of the acts of treason that were committed by some power hungry and greedy politicians in an effort to bring down the government of Sir Nicholas Brathwaite by monetary enticements.  A word to the wise is sufficient.

The legacy of Keith Claudius Mitchell is already written for all to see - the most disgraced Prime Minister to ever occupy the seat of power in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.


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