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Waple Nedd passes on
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The Late Hon. Waple Nedd

One of Grenada's first female parliamentarians and government ministers, Waple Nedd has passed away at a hospital in Miami, Florida with family members at her bedside. Nedd who died on Saturday aged 71 is survived by her husband, Kenneth Nedd Sr, her three sons Kenneth Nedd Jr, Dr. Kester J Nedd and Dr. Khan Nedd.

She served as a Junior Minister in the early 1970's under senior minister of Youth Affairs, Winston Whyte.

Nedd won a seat in parliament in the 1972 general election for St. Andrew North-east on a ticket of the Grenada United Labour Party (GULP). However, she and fellow female parliamentarian, Nadia Benjamin had sharp differences with party leader and then Prime Minister, Eric Gairy which resulted in them crossing the floor to join up with then Opposition Leader, Herbert Blaize of the Grenada National Party (GNP).

In 1976, Sir Eric dissolved parliament in the face of mounting opposition to his rule by the marxist-oriented New Jewel Movement (NJM) of the late Maurice Bishop and Nedd bowed out from frontline politics. The late Waple Nedd has been described as "a woman of strong motivation, drive and religious convictions who for generations was able to communicate the values of community, unconditional love, giving, support, caring and hard work".

She lived by the principle, "Life is a contribution and not a competition." As a social worker for Save-the-Children Fund, Nedd was responsible for pioneering nutritional and early childhood education programs in the Caribbean for the most vulnerable in society ­ Children.

As a teacher, she provided the early beginnings and guidance to an untold number of professionals, As a political figure in the Caribbean representing youth and women she has been a first in many aspects of life in Grenada and the Caribbean, As a business owner and philanthropist her impact on the lives of the disadvantaged and under-privileged children in her community cannot be measured.

The body of Waple Need would be brought back to Grenada for burial.


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