JANUARY 12th, 2008
NNP plans to take legal action
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The new year has started with the ruling New National Party (NNP)
threatening to take legal action against trade unionist, Senator Chester Humphrey over statements he made Sunday on a local radio programme on recent happenings at the Electoral Office.

Humphrey called the programme to make a contribution in which he host, George Grant was interviewing deputy Political Leader of the main opposition, National Democratic Congress (NDC), George Prime.

The No.2 man in the Congress party was voicing his concerns about certain flaws in the latest voter's list including the names of several dead persons. In his contribution, Humphrey alleged that he had received information of the presence of three Jamaicans on the island at the behest of the ruling party and they were engaged in tampering with the computer system at the electoral office.

This brought a sharp rebuttal from the NNP which issued a statement indicating that "it will be forced to take legal action if Senator Humphrey does not retract these dangerous statements".

Following is the full text of the NNP release:

The New National Party calls on Senator Chester Humphrey to immediately retract the false and damaging statements made on the Radio Programme, Sunday's with George Grant.

On this programme, Mr. Humphrey accused members of the New National Party of interfering with the voters list. These statements are absolutely false.

The NNP wishes to reiterate its commitment to good governance, peace and stability and advises that it will be forced to take legal action if Senator Humphrey does not retract these dangerous statements.

The NNP also views these statements as promoting insularity and division among our Caribbean people by making allegations against citizens of our neighbouring islands. The NNP promises the people of Grenada that it will not allow disruptive opposition forces to disturb the peace which we currently enjoy.

The NNP is proud of Grenada's electoral record within the last fifteen years. The international and regional community have hailed Grenada as a model of free and fair elections. The NNP would like to call on Mr. Humphrey and other persons making mischievous statements to refrain from trying to damage the image of Grenada.


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