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Stop the tomfoolery!!!
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Every time an election approaches in this country, the theme song of Keith Claudius Mitchell is: "Jobs and More Jobs Coming".

At a recent press conference in St. George's, Dr. Mitchell told reporters that people are tripping over each other in a mad rush to invest in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. And to use his words, he has never seen anything like this in the past 24 years since the island's return to democratic rule of law following the downfall of the 1979-83 Grenada Revolution.

This is the same Dr. Mitchell who in 1995 told the nation at a victory rally at Queen's Park: "If is work you want is work you go get". He was able to fool some of his own ministers with the catch phrase of investors coming in large numbers to engage in projects that would provide thousands of jobs for our people.

GRENADA TODAY can remember, the former Minister of Implementation, Joslyn Whiteman using a Public Address System to go through every corner in St. David's asking people to come and register and sign up for these jobs that were coming courtesy the NNP.

This is a ruling party that told our people there will be so many jobs coming on stream that Grenada might have to import outside labour in order to meet the demands of the job market. In the historic 15-0 defeat of the opposition in the 1999 poll, Dr. Mitchell and his party paraded on the nation's TV several young Grenadians who were getting ready to fly out of Point Salines International Airport (PSIA) for the United States to train for jobs for a brakes plant.

Where is the Brakes plant today and the several others that were promised by the NNP leader? Where are the jobs, Dr. Mitchell? The records will show that some of the trainees were left as beggars to fend for themselves in the U.S as their dreams and aspirations went up in smoke.

And in an effort to hoodwink the electorate for the upcoming general elections, our so-called visionary leader is once again up to his old tricks of "jobs and more jobs coming".

Dr. Mitchell announced that his government is about to embark on an ambitious training programme to prepare our people for hundreds of jobs that will be available in the coming months from the investors who are "tripping over each other" in order to do business in the Spice Isle. So the country needs people to be trained as carpenters, plumbers, masons, and in other areas in the construction industry, as well as for the many hotel and tourism-related projects that are about to come on stream.

Dr. Mitchell has failed to train our people in construction after 14 years in office and now that he is on the verge of losing power he is coming up again with another scam to catch the electorate. How many Grenadians were trained as carpenters and masons on the Dunfermline Housing project where millions of government dollars were given away to a Trinidad company to do a terrible job on the project?

Our own builders would have done a much better job than what  was done by the company of the NNP side-kick, Colm Imbert whose record is there for everyone to see with the collapse of the first sporting stadium at Queen's Park. And a few weeks ago, the Prime Minister was in a "Touching Base" boasting that over 500 persons already got jobs with the Port Louis project.

However, when a reporter called Port Louis to verify the information, the figure that was given was only 78 persons were hired by the company.

And who can forget, Dr. Mitchell and his promises of jobs and more jobs with the Ritz Carlton at Mt. Hartman and the Poultry project for St. Mark's which is widely known to be the parish most affected by poverty in this country. Dr. Mitchell, please remember as Campaign '08 is about to start that even Fishermen do change the colour of their bait" when going on a fishing expedition.

Grenadians, please expect the promises to get more and more as the weeks and months pass by and the election draweth. Dr. Mitchell has a lot to lose in this poll. His freedom from prosecution not only in the United States but Grenada depends on him remaining as Prime Minister.

We need to put an end to his tomfoolery of more and more jobs coming and to let history finally judge him for his behaviour in the Office of the Prime Minister. The day of decision is coming "all in the fullness of time" and the jail is waiting for all of us who misbehaved in public office whether through our dealings with Eric Resteiner, First Bank, David Rowe, Van Brink, Viktor Kozeny or our squalid betrayal of the nation's trust with their resources.


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Stop the tomfoolery!!!
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