MARCH 19th, 2005
MAR 19
22 Year Old Shot by Police
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Leron Charles of Grand Anse in St. George’s is in a critical condition at the General Hospital where he is being treated for gunshot wounds to his chest and thigh, having been shot at close range by members of the Royal Grenada Police Force.

Mother of twenty two year old Leron, who celebrated his birthday on February 6th was still in shock when she came into the Office of the Grenada Informer Newspaper.

Easlyn Lawrence told us that minutes after ten o’clock Wednesday morning two squads of police headed by Raymond Matthew, the Beast, the only uniformed officer, swarmed their Grand Anse home. Moments later she heard gunshots and going to her son’s bedside saw that he was bleeding profusely.

Ms. Lawrence told INFORMER that Leron was told by a security officer to move off the beach. He had not done anything wrong so he questioned the request and was pushed away by the guard. He went home, got a fork and went back to the beach.

Ms. Lawrence reported that she went to the beach to find out what was happening but could not get proper information. Leron meanwhile went back to his home and was in the yard when the police arrived and began to question him. Leron told Sergeant Raymond that he had done nothing wrong.

Seeing the number of armed policemen, Ms. Lawrence grew anxious and told the police that her son had done nothing. It was reported that Beast stood with his arm around Easlyn's shoulders and gave the assurance that her son Leron would not be hurt. Moments later gunfire was heard and Leron ran into his parents' home. Louvres were smashed and the children in the household screamed in terror as more gunshots were heard.

Ms. Lawrence then saw her son lying on his bed twitching in agony as bullets ripped through his body. A police officer then took a piece of board and tried to turn him with it.One officer was heard to say, "He dead man, we shoot him at close range."

A vehicle from one of the nation’s undertakers arrived at the Grand Anse home but Leron had been taken to the Hospital by the Police. A family source told Informer that when young Leron was taken from his bed, wrapped in a sheet and thrown with little regard into the tray of a police pick-up.

It was reported that when Leron arrived at the Hospital the police the medical staff, "We just shoot a vagrant down the road." The young man was taken to the Operating Theatre.

As he was being wheeled there his mother was told by a doctor that Leron was in shock, due to the loss of a large quantity of blood. It was explained to her that Leron's arteries had sustained some degree of damage. Ms. Lawrence was also told that if Leron survived, he may not have the use of one of his legs.

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